Bitcoin casinos enable players to use their Bitcoin holdings and play their favorite games. Other Cryptocurrencies have widely implemented the concept, and Bitcoin casinos stand out as they offer lower transaction fees.

Rewards are processed faster as compared to other Crypto-based casinos. The integration, so far, has only been with operators who exist virtually over the internet. Anonymity adds to the list of benefits, attracting many users from different regions.

A wide list of games is available. Users can choose to play Baccarat with Bitcoin or any other game like Slot, Table, Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette.

Earn With FreeBitcoin

Unlike other online Crypto casinos that ask users to deposit their digital holdings into their wallets, FreeBitcoin gives its users a chance to gamble as much as they want with free Bitcoins.

FreeBitcoin rewards its users with $200 in Bitcoins every hour. Users must remain active and participate in different games, and failing to do so can disqualify their stand from the list.

Bitcoins earned every hour can be multiplied by playing HI-LO. The same game enables users to win up to 1 Bitcoin if their name comes up in the jackpot. Features that reward the users do not just stop there.

Users who register on the platform stand a chance to win a lottery ticket. A user’s odds depend on how many games they play and how many referrals they bring to the platform. FreeBitcoin states that every game fetches one ticket to the lottery, and it is doubled when a referred user plays a game on the platform.

A lottery is organized every week to distribute high-earning rewards.

The referral program is one of its kind, allowing users to lock their earnings for a lifetime. Users are required to refer their family members, relatives, or friends. Once they register on the platform, it depends on how much they bet.

Users can earn up to 50% in referral commission if they feature in the top 10 ranks based on the combined wagering volume. A referral contest is also organized where users can take home $10,900 in Bitcoin every month.

FreeBitcoin acts like a bank and adds interest on the Bitcoin deposited to the account. The rate goes as high as 4.08% on an annual basis, compounded every day. Digital holdings never generate interest, and they depend a lot on the volatility of the market. However, FreeBitcoin changes that by offering daily interest.

The final amount to be withdrawn remains linked to the actual trading price, but the fact that deposits earn interest is pretty amazing.

To top all of it, FreeBitcoin allows its users to participate in the Golden Ticket contest, where they can win a Lamborghini. To participate in the contest, users have to wager Bitcoin on a HI-LO dice game and collect the Golden ticket. A winner is chosen through a provably fair lucky draw.


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