It has been shown that up to one million women in Great Britain are in danger from gambling-related damage, and GambleAware has launched a new campaign emphasizing the primary warning signals of problem gambling for women.

The study revealed that 39 percent of women experiencing significant levels of harm might not seek help or therapy because of perceived stigma, such as embarrassment or a desire to keep their gambling private from others.

In addition, the study discovered that the overall average traffic between December and March increased by 29% compared to the rest of the year on gambling websites popular with women.

Women’s treatment for gambling has more than quadrupled in the last five years, according to GambleAware, from 1,134 in 2015-16 to 2,423 by 2020-21.

However, although more women are using resources like the National Gaming Treatments Service and the National Helpline, GambleAware claims that this only represents a small percentage of the total number of people who have been harmed by the habit of betting.

In response, GambleAware has launched its first female-focused harms prevention campaign to educate women about warning signals and where to get help before gambling becomes problematic.

The new campaign focuses on the three most common warning signs of gambling addiction, which include losing the sense of time, spending more than you can manage, and keeping your gambling habit a secret from your friends and family.

The campaign will begin with a video starring TV personality Angellica Bell, who will talk to gambling and health specialists about the specific stigma and barriers that women suffering from betting problems may encounter.

Women may be unaware that they are beginning to experience harm from gambling or maybe dreading getting any help due to the stigma or shame associated with seeking help, according to GambleAware chief executive Zo Osmond. This is why GambleAware’s campaign emphasizes warning signs to look out for so that they can support women who gamble and prevent gambling harms from developing.

Gaming Minister Chris Philp welcomed this effort to raise awareness of the problem of gambling among women, who says that they must continue to safeguard individuals at risk from gambling-related harms. 

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