The Covid-19 pandemic lockdown restriction had a severe impact on the casino gaming industry across the nation. However, the Deadwood economy has a different picture as the casinos witnessed little revenue decline in the state.

According to the American Gaming Association survey 2021, which provided the economic analysis of commercial gaming of US in 2020, mentioned that the gaming revenue in the nation has declined by 31%, compared to South Dakota and Deadwood which witnessed only 4.5% downward.

As per Mike Rodman, the Deadwood Gaming Association executive director, the report represents how strong the Deadwood state economy is and helped to recover from the Covid-19 disaster. In addition, it shows how resilient Deadwood is when it comes to games.  Rodman also applauds marketing efforts between Deadwood Chamber and SD State Tourism.

He also mentioned that by the start of 2021, the gaming industry saw an increase of 30% compared to April 2019. In addition, the slot machine game saw an increase of 31% and a 27% increase in a table game. Overall, there is a positive growth in online gaming compared to the previous years.

According to the handle comparison, table games carry $7 million and $110 million for slot machines. Similarly, table games carry the handle of $28 million, which is an 80% increase compared to the previous year. Casinos witnessed taxable gross revenue of $10.6 million. All casinos in Deadwood were asked to shut from March 25, 2020, due to the ordinance passed by the government due to the pandemic.

In the initial four months of 2021, Deadwood gamblers spent over $459 million, increasing 87.52%.

Four craps tables witnessed a drop of $537,132, along with the statistical win of $138,239 and 74% payout players. Similarly, nine roulettes claimed a drop of $291,061.

Deadwood gaming operators and Rodman rewarded casino gamblers with $1557 471 for April.

Presently, Deadwood gaming is planning to start legal sports wagering activity in September along with the South Dakota Commission.

Jonathan Stacey is a graduate in Mass Communication. Presently, he works with as a news reporter and editor for online poker industry news stories. Apart from this, he also serves his audience in updating upcoming poker tournaments.

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