The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) has provided input on proposals to create a gambling ombudsman – a single official body to handle industry disputes. Many organizations, most recently the Betting and Gaming Council, have lent their support to the formation of this body (BGC).

According to Richard Hayler, Managing Director of IBAS, the creation of an ombudsman will be no easy task for participants who must understand and accommodate the complexities of gambling products, practices, and services, and it might make extra sense if IBAS took over the position as the only real playing ombudsman.

On the other hand, the federal government downplayed the need for an ombudsman, claiming that IBAS already provided services to the market and its prospects regarding playing transactions.

Many campaign groups and interest groups have called for creating a gambling industry ombudsman, and the government is currently evaluating gambling legislation. To address consumer issues and focus on improving the industry’s reputation, industry experts, Politicians, and other stakeholder groups agree that a sector-specific ombudsman is needed in the UK gambling industry.

IBAS and its affiliates understand the need for additional industry change, and creating a new Gambling Ombudsman would be a significant step forward in customer remedies. IBAS confirmed the existence of systems for dealing with customer complaints but stated that the appointment of a Gambling Ombudsman would simplify the situation and make it more compatible for all of those raised questions.

According to IBAS, their vision is for an ombudsman that will work closely with but remain impartial to the Playing Fee. We hope that this decision makes a significant difference and leads to a better procedure for dealing with customer concerns. The service should be completely free for customers to use. Like all ombudsmen, aside from those involved with public providers, it should be funded by the businesses under its jurisdiction.

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