The people living in Arizona will soon be witnessing a radical change in the betting industry. The said shift is towards the expansion of gambling. On 15 April 2021, Gov. Doug Ducey announced a bill allowing extensive expansion of betting and gambling, including licensed tribes and professional sports teams. The revenue would consequently increase ten folds. 

But will this expansion benefit the people at large? There is a wave of disappointment among the people dealing with gambling problems. They are worried that the expansion would escalate the addiction. 

A recovering gambling addict from Arizona pointed out that each state needs to understand its responsibility when it comes to gambling. Some people lose control and fall into a never-ending abyss of gambling. According to the NAGFGAH (North American Gambling Foundation for Gambling Addiction Help), 10 million people (2.6% of the U.S. population) are suffering from gambling addiction. The problem is much more severe, and government officials need to take a hard look at the same. 

Another recovering addict said that expanding gambling would bring huge revenue to the state, and thus they are setting up physical gamble stations. If they are planning to do so, then they also need to add a sign right outside the doors of these stores saying the people suffering from gambling problems can dial 1-800. He added that expanding the betting or gambling industry is like opening a jar of worms, especially in these stressful times. 

Replying to all these doubts and questions of the people of Arizona, Max Hartgraves, the PIO for the Arizona Gaming Department, said that Arizona has various support groups for helping gambling addicts who are looking for ways to cope.


Ronny Tate got his bachelor's degree in Finance and recently joined as a senior editor. He is currently covering various event topics for the betting world. Moreover, Ronny likes to read books in his free time.

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