Indiana has always been a fruitful region for gambling ventures, and the competition is growing even stronger. Hard Rock Casino is continuing its pursuit to become the top gaming destination in Indiana. That is why the casino is directly competing against the Horseshoe Casino, the current top casino in the state.

As per the latest report by the IGC (Indiana Gaming Commission), Horseshoe Casino is still the leader in Indiana. The casino racks up over 34.4 million dollars in casino revenue after paying the winning amount to the bettors.

Contrarily, the Hard Rock Casino managed to score almost 26 million dollars. The amount was decent, especially considering it was Hard Rock’s first month after the lockdown. However, the casino managed to match Horseshoe in terms of tidal money wagered in table games. The market leader garnered 36.9 million dollars worth of wagers, while Hard Rock made 36.3 million dollars.

When it comes to customer winnings, bettors playing in the Horseshoe casino racked over 5.4 million dollars. Comparatively, gamblers playing in the Hard Rock Casino won over 9.1 million dollars.

Matt Schuffert (President of Hard Rock) stated that the casino is performing well since June was a challenging month for every casino in Indiana. However, many players left the casino satisfied, and the number Hard Rock had in its first operational month shows its market prominence. It is a testament to its services and the Hard Rock team.

On the baccarat front, Hard Rock was the state leader with almost 18 million dollars. On the other hand, Horseshoe only managed to rack in 13.7 million dollars. In addition, hard Rock was the state runner-up in craps, roulette, and blackjack, giving tough competition to Horseshoe.

When it comes to slot machines, Horseshoe topped the list of top 12 casinos in Indiana. The casino made a total of 251.2 million dollars with 25.4 million dollars worth of slot winnings. Indiana Grand secured second place in slots with a combination of 222.1 million dollars to 23.4 million dollars. Hard Rock was third on the list with 201.7 million dollars and 20.5 million dollars worth of winning.

Horseshoe winning the race in terms of slots is a given as the casino owns the most slot machines (1,969) in the state. Hard Rock owns 1,291 slots with 15,913 dollars wins per machine when it comes to a per-machine basis. Comparatively, Horseshoe only recorded 12,886 dollars per machine winning. 

Shannon McKellar (the VP of Horseshoe) stated that slots and betting volumes were exceptional areas for the casino. Customer service is the priority of the casino, and it will continue to focus on that.

With competition getting fiercer, the remaining year will be interesting for both casinos.


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